Get into Grains



Get into Grains is a new interactive workshop on crop plants and seeds for Grade 5-6 students and links with the AusVELS curriculum for Biological Science. The workshop explores adaptations in the context of grain crops. It  highlights the importance of preserving the diversity of crop plants for the future and how Australian scientists are saving seeds in preparation for changing environmental conditions.

The Australian Grains Genebank (AGG) at Horsham and Get into Genes are working together to develop and deliver this program.

Through an interactive prezi and hands on activities students learn about:

  • Structural features and adaptations of seeds
  • How these features and adaptations help survival
  • Why it is important to preserve seeds for the future
  • How seeds are stored
  • Seeds as a source of food
  • How Australian Scientists are preparing for the changing environment
  • The Australian Grains Gene Bank – a unique world class facility

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