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Get into Genes offers a range of workshop designed for a maximum of 30 students. Workshops continue to be offered FREE of charge, and are funded and supported by DairyBio, The Centre of Excellence for Plant Cell Walls, La Trobe University and Agriculture Victoria.

DNA manipulation workshops (Year 10 'DNA' and Year 12 'PCR')

Time: 2hrs

An animated and engaging ‘Prezi’ introduces the fundamentals of DNA and the way it is used in dairy cattle and plant breeding. Students then rotate through four hands-on work stations investigating DNA (see flow chart), completing a worksheet at each station.

The sessions conclude with a discussion of genetic engineering technologies, giving practical and relevant examples of current research being undertaken by DairyBio, Agriculture Victoria and the Centre of Excellence for Plant Cells Walls.

Year 10 Curriculum Linked (DNA)                                   Year 12 Curriculum Linked (PCR)

(click on either chart for a larger image)

flowchart-yr9-10  flowchart-yr12


Issues in Gene Technology workshop

Time: 1.5 hrs

In order to build on the learning of the Year 12 PCR workshop, a second workshop is offered to students in which they explore a range of social, environmental, ethical and political issues related to gene technology. Students analyse media representations of gene technology and use graphic organisers to evaluate sources of information. During the ‘Issues in Gene Technology’ workshop students develop an understanding of the interrelationships between biological, cultural and technological evolution.


Complementary teaching notes and classroom activities include materials to use for VCE Biology School Assessed Coursework (SAC). All workshop materials have been developed in collaboration with Victorian teachers and are linked with either the Victorian F-10 or VCAA Biology Curriculum.