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Risk Assessment and General OH&S Notes



Slips, trips

At AgriBio all bags are to be kept in a locked presentation room before going upstairs to the lab.

Wipe up any spills immediately.

Keep power cords up off the floor.

Safe use of the chairs in the lab.

Illness, accident

Teachers will be asked to notify us in advance of serious medical conditions.

Workshops run for 2 hours, please encourage students to eat and drink beforehand, to prevent dizziness, low blood sugar and fainting.

Location of emergency contact numbers / first aid contacts:

  AgriBio –Security number on phone.  First aid contacts above sink at door of main  weeds lab.

Location of first aid kit:

            AgriBio –next to sink near the door of main weeds lab.

Following injury or ‘near miss’ an incident report form must be completed via the Education Officer.

Mobile phone will be available in the lab at all times: 0418 315 118


Location of fire extinguisher:
AgriBio – in the GiG lab, next to door.

Location of power and gas isolation:
AgriBio – next to sink at door or insect lab and door of wees lab.

Be aware of exits and emergency procedures.

Be aware of your nearest fire warden:
AgriBio –  outside GiG lab, above fire extinguisher.

Other emergency

Be aware of exits and emergency procedures.

Location of emergency contact numbers.

Chemical exposure

Risks associated with the chemicals used in Get into Genes – be familiar with MSDSs, displayed prominently in lab.

Safe handling of these chemicals.

Location and use of eyewash facility.


A blue folder containing the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), a yellow folder containing the Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) and a red folder containing OHS information must be displayed prominently in the laboratory.

Model general lab safety practices: closed-in shoes, protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses where appropriate.

No eating/drinking in lab.

Safe use of equipment and general awareness of the potential dangers and the safety of others.

Students not to leave the lab and wander about the building.



Welcome to AgriBio, the Centre for AgriBioscience. AgriBio is a world-class purpose-built centre for scientific research and development, and diagnostic services. The facility consists of numerous general and specialist laboratories. Due to the complexity of the facility and nature of the work conducted, visitors need to be aware of specific procedures which they must follow to ensure their own safety, that of those around them, and to safeguard both our science and the environment.

Arrival at AgriBio

  • AgriBio is located at 5 Ring Road, La Trobe University (Bundoora Campus).
  • Visitors should park in the front Visitor Car Park upon arrival, present themselves to the front desk and inform the receptionist of whom they are visiting.
  • Reception staff will contact the relevant AgriBio staff member and inform them of the visitor’s arrival.
  • Visitors will be required to sign in to the log book at the front reception and will be issued a Visitor Pass for that day. The Visitor Pass will allow general access to the common areas of the facility. Visitor Passes do not allow free access to laboratory spaces.
  • Visitors are to be accompanied and supervised at all times and must follow all instructions of the AgriBio staff..

Laboratory Requirements

  • Fully enclosed sturdy footwear and laboratory coats must be worn at all times within the laboratory. Footwear that leaves the top of the foot exposed is not permitted.
  • Laboratory coats and any other required PPE will be provided to visitors by AgriBio personnel. Mandatory PPE must be worn at all times.No items are to be tampered with or removed from the laboratories.
  • Photos are not to be taken within the laboratories or of staff without seeking permission first.Hands must be washed after removing laboratory coats and immediately prior to exiting the laboratory.
  • Many areas of AgriBio have regulatory and safety restrictions in place. Visitors are not to move around the facility without being escorted.
  • In the event of a facility alarm (i.e. beep…beep…beep), visitors should remain calm and prepare to leave the facility.In the event of a facility evacuation alarm (i.e. Whoop…Whoop…”Evacuate Now”), visitors are to calmly make their way to the nearest emergency exit and leave the building.
  • Emergency assembly areas are at the front of the main entrance across the road, and in the Main Staff Car Park.AgriBio personnel will assist you to leave the facility safely.
  • Certain medical conditions can put visitors at greater risk in some areas of the facility. Visitors will be restricted from entering these areas. Visitors must inform staff if there is any medical condition that may be of concern, and should notify staff prior to their arrival if they:


    • are pregnant;
    • are immuno-compromised or immuno-deficient;
    • wear a pacemaker;are wearing or have implanted any other metallic device including body prosthetics or piercings;
    • have allergies which may result in anaphylactic reaction e.g. latex;
    • have any other medical condition which could be of concern.